Guided Decision Tables – ordering salience by row number

Just added a small but useful new feature to Guvnor Guided DT editor specifically for the salience attribute. Basically when you have a very large number of rows/rules in a DT and want to control the execution of the rules in a “sequential” order (please note “sequential” in quotes because this has nothing to do with the Drools sequential mode for stateless sessions) maintenance of the salience values can become an issue. Also business users often do not understand what this attribute means and are prone to make mistakes, or just forget to add a value to it.
So just added two checkboxes as shown here:

They are shown only for the salience attribute. Now salience will be calculated for you with ascending/descending order of the row numbers. All changes to rows will force recalculation of salience values. You can hide the salience column from being displayed if you want and your business users don’t have to worry about it any longer.


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