Cooking adventure – blue crabs

Elisabeth and I went to the Farmers Market today. It was really fun for her to see all kinds of different fruits and vegetables she has never seen before (neither have I to be honest). The most fun for her was the seafood section, and especially the live blue crabs. They did not have frogs or turtles today which in a way I am glad to because I would have probably ended up with a frog at home, but we decided to get some crabs (got 3 of them) and one squid that is now in the freezer.
After playing with the crabs for like 2 hours it was bed time for Elisabeth and after I gathered my courage to actually try to cook these things. Here they are alive in the sink:

Next step was to watch a couple of youtube videos to see what this is all about. They make it look so easy..hmmmmm. OK so here are the ingredients I used. Not many yes, and I did not have any crab seasoning stuff but hey it’s my first time and I’m going to do this!

Filled the biggest pot I had with water and went to clean up some stuff around the house before water began to boil, then added the stuff, lemon slices, onions, couple of Bay leaves, hot sauce (not really sure why, it’s not like I’m going to eat the shell) and that’s it. The next part I have I really thought would not be an issue for me (putting the crabs in the boiling water). After many years of fishing with dad and grandpa, I think I got immune to things like this…or so I thought. The first thing these crabs did was hold on to one another like they knew what was going on. I almost felt like they were a family trying to stay together..aghhhhhh!!!!! Finally I was able to get the biggest one apart from the others with the prongs and off he went in the pot, shortly after the other two as well. The next mistake I did was to actually open the lid after I put them in there to take a look what was going on. The one I put in last was still moving (well more like twitching) and was blowing bubbles. After maybe 3 seconds I was OK again 😉
I let them stay in the pot for about 10 minutes. After that turned off the stove and put a bunch of ice in the pot to stop the cooking process (saw that in one of the youtube videos), and let the crabs sit in the pot for 1hr to soak up the stuff that was in there.

Here are the 3 happy campers when I took them out:

They turned orange. I was not sure if I cooked them enough, or too long but hey no putting them back in so here we go to clean them!
Again youtube came to help. Found a video of a young kid cleaning one so I followed what he did and I must say I got it right the first time.
If I didn’t watch him, I probably would have eaten their lungs too as they look really similar to the real meat.
Here is the cleaning process in action:

I ate one while cleaning it and then put the meat of the other two for Elisabeth for tomorrow. It was sooooo goood!!!! I really think she will eat it and don’t think I will have to tell her it’s chicken 😉 Next time we’lll get maybe 10 as you don’t get much meat out of 2 as you can see here:

Not sure why but I feel somewhat proud of myself now 🙂 The squid is next!


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