Integrate Oryx Designer and Guvnor in your own applications

Shortly after we started blogging about the Guvnor integration with Oryx Designer for jBPM5, we received a number of inquiries on how to use it in custom applications and be able to create/edit jBPM5 processes outside of Guvnor while at the same time leverage Guvnor as the central JCR repository for all your jBPM5 assets.

This video shows a custom Seam2/RichFaces application which utilizes the Guvnor Standalone Editor feature and the recently added AtomPub Interface to fully integrate Oryx Designer and Guvnor to create/edit jBPM5 processes without having to do any work in the Guvnor UI.

You can download the demo app source here.


2 Responses to Integrate Oryx Designer and Guvnor in your own applications

  1. vijay says:

    Hi Tihomir,

    I integrated Oryx into my application based upon the demo you provided. Really your demo helped me alot in integrating. Thanks alot!!!

    I am having small issue here. I am getting Horizantal Scrollbar in Oryx. I want to avoid it. I tried too much to remove horizontal scrollbar, but no result. As this Oryx is completely written in javascript very difficult to identify where to do the changes…..if you have any idea can you please suggest me

    • tsurdilovic says:

      Hi Vijay, glad you are using the jBPM web designer and were successful in your implementation. The width/height of the canvas is relative set to 100%/100% so maybe you should define a specific width/height of the container element you are placing it in. Hope this helps.

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