jBPM Designer – Locking and Unlocking

One of the great things about jBPM is that it is a 100% open-source project that has a great community. The jBPM community is full of open-minded, smart individuals who work with us core developers to keep moving the jBPM project forward. Anyone is more than welcome to collaborate together on the jBPM Forum or our IRC channel (note we have recently moved to freenode irc). The involvement and time you choose to put into the community is really up to you. Many times people drop by to ask some questions, or to have discussions on some ideas they may have on the current features of jBPM or to get opinions on some great new ideas. Very often those discussions and ideas eventually transform into improvements or even new features that are added to jBPM.

Here I wanted to show a new feature we added to the jBPM Designer which started off as a discussion on the jBPM IRC channel by our community contributor Saiful Omar (@msaifulomar). Saiful is a Lecturer of Institute Technology Brunei, which is a Technology University at the forefront of Learning, Research and Innovation under the Ministry of Education, Brunei Darussalam. Currently he is doing his PhD studies in Computer Science Department, at Loughborough University, United Kingdom, working on a novel Compliance and Adaptive Workflow System that will utilize jBPM.

As part of his system, which is using the jBPM Designer for process modelling, Saiful was in need to have the ability to lock parts of his process model in order to prevent their further editing, He discussed that with us and we felt that it would be a great feature to add to the jBPM Designer.

It is useful as you work on your process model to be able to set parts of it as “finished” and prevent anyone else that you may be collaborating with to make further modifications to those parts of the model. It also adds the ability for users to communicate with each other during the modelling life cycle of BPM to show what parts of the model are complete and what is left to be done.

Saiful has then spent time to implement and contribute this feature which we have committed to the jBPM Designer. The below images show-casts it and explain its usage (click on the image to enlarge).

Locking ability


I would like to thank Saiful for his contribution as well as thank the entire community for being active and sharing the success of jBPM.

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