jBPM Designer big part of the JBossWorld Keynote!

The jBPM Designer was a big part of the JBossWorld Keynote presentation this year. The Keynote included an amazing demo showing off the power of jBPM 5. In this demo jBPM Designer was used to model the executable business process used, as well  as to monitor all the running process instances which were initiated by the audience with their mobile phones. Here are some photos of the Keynote:

Keynote demo overview

Keynote demo process

jBPM Desinger monitoring process instances

Below is the entire Keynote Video forwarded to the start of the demo:

jBPM Designer was also a big hit at the JBossWorld Partner Pavilion, at the BRMS booth. I took a picture of it:

jBPM Designer shown at the BRMS booth (JBossWorld Partner Pavillion)

This is a huge deal for jBPM 5 and the jBPM Designer. I hope all this attention will bring more people to use and get involved with this great BPMN2.0 Web-Editor.


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