jBPM Designer leading ideas in Web-based BPM

This is a nice find that I wanted to share:

7/22/2012 – we blogged for the first time about Voice-driven BPM in jBPM Designer which is available in the 2.3.0.Final release

8/1/2012 – Signavio blogs about their new and experimental “Process on Voice” feature

This could be a coincidence or not, but either way it is really cool that Web-based BPM ideas introduced by the jBPM Designer seem to be  followed by such big companies like Signavio.  In a way I would be honored if this is not a coincidence and their implementation of this feature is based on our ideas in Designer, but I guess we won’t know that for sure 😉

Either way, we are committed and will  continue to improve the existing features and add many new features in jBPM Designer that will drive open-source Web-based BPM forward into the future.


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