Two great blog posts on jBPM

Branislav Cavlin strikes again with two great blog posts on jBPM

1. Why use jBPM and Drools

2. Displaying jBPM diagram of the current process


Make sure to check them out!


2 Responses to Two great blog posts on jBPM

  1. Hello Tihomor,

    Is there any best practices or guidelines (or even tutorials) for Spring and jBPM development. In official documentation there is only one paragraph about defining spring and jBPM integration.

    Does RedHat plan to improve documentation (current docs are pretty bad) or provide more learning resources?

    After two weeks of researching about jBPM, it’s still not clear how to use jBPM.

    • tsurdilovic says:

      We improve the community docs as much as possible but do depend on our community for help here to make it better. If you would like to contribute (instead of just complain 😉 ) you are more than welcome. Ping me on IRC and I can help you with getting started with updating docs. Another way to contribute is to open jBPM Jiras ( for documentation. This helps out a lot too.
      Posting your questions on the jBPM user forum is another option as it will be exposed to the entire community:

      Hope this helps.

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