Local History support in jBPM Designer

We have added a new and very useful feature to jBPM Designer – Local History support.

Local History automatically stores your process model information to the browser using HTML5 Web Storage on a preset interval. This allows you to

– Be able to restore previous versions of your model even if you did not / forgot to save your model.

– Be able to restore your work in cases your computer/ browser crashes, or you go offline.

– View all changes in your process between model saves.

– Have more assurance that your work will not get lost.

So let’s see what this looks like (click on the images below to enlarge). Description of the features are contained within the images.

Local History Menu

View Local History Entries for your process model

View the Process Image for each entry

Restoring an entry from the Local History

Configuring Local History via xml

We would like to thank our community contributor Gábor Farkas for his idea for this new feature as well as the initial commit for it. Gábor is a Java EE developer at Doctusoft Ltd and has been involved with the jBPM community for a while now – Thanks Gábor!


2 Responses to Local History support in jBPM Designer

  1. Susannah says:

    Is it possible to configure Designer so that local history is disabled by default? Or to increase the delay between auto-saves? It takes over the screen with a modal “Local history has been cleared” message far too often, even if I have not changed anything. Users find this annoying. Thanks in advance!

    • tsurdilovic says:

      We addressed this issue in jBPM 6 by making the internal time user configurable:
      user configurable local history interval.

      In Designer 5.x you should be able to manually change the default setting in the jbpm.xml file.

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