jBPM Designer 2.4.0.Final released!

jBPM Designer 2.4.0.Final released!

We are very happy to announce a new release 2.4.0.Final of jBPM Designer, the Web-based Business Process Editor for jBPM 5.

Here is an overview of new features and most notable bug fixes in this release:

New Features

Notable Bug Fixes

You can download jBPM Designer version 2.4.0.Final from Sourceforge. If you are upgrading from an older Designer version, make sure to clear your browser cache before start using the new one.

You can clone jBPM Designer or just browser its source at GitHub.


For the next release we will strongly focus on

  • Add enhancements to Process Simulation capabilities
  • “Smart Properties” – more usable ways for users to enter in execution properties to their models
  • Alternative asset storage options
  • Overall usability enhancements

jBPM Designer is open-source and of course free! If you would like to be part of Designer development and discussions or just want to ask questions feel free to talk to us on the User Form, the Mailing List, or IRC.

You can also follow the latest news about the jBPM Designer on it’s Blog.

Enjoy :)


7 Responses to jBPM Designer 2.4.0.Final released!

  1. Carlos says:

    Can I use the Designer without the need to have a technical prerequisite or dependency, as with Eclipse or the Drools repository? As a business analyst I am interested in building processes along with my sponsor, then when done, ship the XML process documents to the Java jBPM developers for implementation.

    • tsurdilovic says:

      Currently you have to use Designer alongside Drools Guvnor if you want to store your assets. If you want to model your business process and view (cut/paste) your bpmn2 to send to a developer you can do that as well via local mode


      where you can really use any uuid value.

      We are currently working on a standalone repository for Designer which should be available in the next release.

  2. Simon says:

    hello, i’ve encountered some problems building jBPM Designer 2.4.0.Final from scratch (compilation errors in SimulationServlet). Does simple ‘mvn clean install’ do the job ? Or do i need to use some additional options / provide some profile name ?
    I cloned the entire jbpm-designer repository from github and launched ‘git checkout 2.4.0.Final’ followed by ‘mvn clean install’ – and it all went to hell (more details here : https://community.jboss.org/message/803576#803576). It might not be the best place for such issues but i’m stuck with my work and thus far got no response from the community.
    Thx in advance for any assistance

    • tsurdilovic says:

      I have just uploaded the correct simulation bits onto nexus so please try again. If this issue still persists here are the steps you should do locally:

      1) git clone https://github.com/mswiderski/jbpm-simulation.git
      2) cd jbpm-simulation
      3) git checkout guvnor-integration
      4) mvn clean install -U
      5) build designer

      That way you can assure that the correct simulation version is going to be picked up by Designer from your local repository.


  3. Hi, I’ve some issue esporting pdf or png, the browser tell “file not found”. Can you help me?

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