jBPM Designer runs on VFS


The new year is starting off with a big bang for jBPM Designer, the leading open-source web-based BPMN2 modeller.

To explain, so far Designer has always been a BPMN2 editor module inside Drools Guvnor and all process assets created/generated by Designer have been saved to the Guvnor JCR 2.0 repository. Running Designer as a stand-alone BPMN2 editor was only possible in “read-only” mode, and integration with other systems was not easily achievable.

Well, that is no longer the case. Designer now comes with a built-in Virtual File System based repository that provides:

  • default implementation that supports
    • simple (local) file system repository
    • git based repository
  • allows for pluggable VFS provider implementations
  • is based on standards – java NIO2

This means that users are able to run Designer standalone, or integrate it much easier with their existing storage options as well as other development/design apps and much much more.

Maciej Swiderski  has written a great blog post on this, giving an introduction to the VFS implementation in jBPM Designer. Make sure to read it and give us your feedback.

We will be blogging much more about this in the near future so stay tuned. As always remember that jBPM is open source so you can be involved and part of anything that we do so don’t be shy and contact us on IRC or the user forum and we will help you get started.

One Response to jBPM Designer runs on VFS

  1. Tis is a great step forward!

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