BPMN2 Modeling in the Cloud with jBPM Designer

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I am happy to announce that jBPM Designer standalone version 6.0 is now ready for cloud deployment. You can give it a test run at


(you can log into the application with username “admin” and password “admin).


Setting up your own instance of jBPM Designer on OpenShift is super easy as well:

1. build jBPM Designer from master ( https://github.com/droolsjbpm/jbpm-designer )

1a. git clone https://github.com/droolsjbpm/jbpm-designer.git

1b. cd jbpm-designer

1c. mvn clean install -Dfull -DskipTests

2. create an account on http://openshift.redhat.com/

3. create a new OpenShift application (JAVA + JBOSS AS 7 .. follow the guided steps on the OpenShift website)

4. clone your application locally, for example:

git clone ssh://<MY-APP-ID>@<MY-APP-URL>/~/git/<MY-APP-NAME>.git/    (directions for this are also on the OpenShift website)

5. easiest thing is to do a straight war deployment

5a. cd <MY-APP-NAME>

5b. rm pom.xml

5c.  rm -rf src

5d. copy the jBPM Designer war you built in step 1. to the deployment folder, for example:

cp ~/devel/jbpm-designer/jbpm-designer-distribution-wars/target/jbpm-designer-standalone-jboss-as7.0.war ~/myopenshift/myappname/deployments

-5e. update the local standalone.xml in you git repo to add two system properties with for example:

vi ~/myopenshift/myappname/.openshift/config/standalone.xml

and add the following properties under the system properties section:

<property name=”org.kie.nio.git.dir” value=”${jboss.server.data.dir}”/>

<property name=”org.kie.nio.git.deamon.enabled” value=”false” />

5f. do a git commit on all your changes and push your changes with

git push

Your jBPM Designer should be ready now for use after your server starts.

Enjoy 🙂

5 Responses to BPMN2 Modeling in the Cloud with jBPM Designer

  1. Naman Shah says:

    Not able to build the project using maven as you provided.
    I changed the parent version too 6.0.0.SNAPSHOT as it was not able to fetch the parent pom.

    Please guide

    • tsurdilovic says:

      I assume you are building from the master branch of Designer – try building with mvn clean install -U to get updates. The parent pom is on the JBoss nexus.

      • Naman Shah says:

        Yes was building from the master branch and redirected to the jboss nexus repository. thanks


      • Naman Shah says:

        Hi ,
        I need to use the standalone jbpm with postgres.
        I digged the project a bit and just checked the Repository is the thing which i need to use it.
        I just need to ask are there any docs for the designer standalone, which can help me ?

      • Naman Shah says:

        I mean the jbpm-designer-standalone..
        Sorry for the typo

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